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21st May

The two surprising records of an otherwise very quiet day for birds were a party of seven Manx Shearwaters heading west in the morning and a Sooty Shearwater lingering offshore for a while in the afternoon.

At least 11 Porpoises were feeding offshore this afternoon.

With the weather improving again there was plenty of interest in some of the insects of Dungeness. A very fresh Grizzled Skipper and a Holly Blue were seen in the trapping area. Some time was also spent continuing the Shield-bug Survey with a new individual of Rhombic Leatherbug Syromastes rhombeus and a few Tortoise Shieldbugs Eurygaster testudinaria.

Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Bishop's Mitre Aelia aciuinata   Dungeness   21st May 2017n

Tortoise Shield-bug Eurygaster testudinaria   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Rhomboid Leatherbug Syromastes rhombeus   Dungeness   21st May 2017
With so little rain in recent weeks flowers seem to have been reluctant to actually flower but a few nice plants are starting to show well including the offerings below.
Field Pansy Viola arvensis   Dungeness   21st March 2017

Marsh Cinquefoil Comarum palustre   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Sweet Spurge Euphorbia dulcis   Dungeness   21st May 2017