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31st Oct

A cloudy cold start to the day with the odd spot of rain, later the cloud cleared and out of the wind it was quite pleasant.
Just four birds caught in the Moat nets this morning but did include a nice male Firecrest.
The sea had a good selection of species including the following counts/highlights; 17 Brent Geese, 12 Shelduck, 74 Common Scoter, Velvet Scoter, three Eider, Goldeneye, Great Northern Diver, two Red-throated Diver, 600 Gannet, Sooty Shearwater, four Mediterranean Gulls, 256 Common Gull, Caspian Gull - a new 1st winter bird, 1045 Kittiwake, Great Skua, Arctic Skua, 15 Guillemot, 15 Razorbill, 157 Auk sp, Merlin hunting offshore and 10300 Starling west.
On land; 28 Mediterranean Gulls on the beach near the Patch, nine Stock Dove, Peregrine, two Raven, Chiffchaff, two Dartford Warbler, Ring Ouzel, 38 Blackbird, three Redwing, six Stonechat, Grey Wagtail, 20 Meadow Pipit, seven Lesser Redpoll, 34 Goldfinch and 14 Siskin.

Three Hare, two Harbour Porpoise, Stoat and the odd Red Admiral were the non-bird sightings.
Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   31st October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   31st October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

30th Oct

A frosty start due to clear skies overnight and northerly breeze, out of the breeze it was a pleasant day.
Just three birds caught in the trapping area with Great Spotted Woodpecker, Chiffchaff and Blackbird and a further eight in the Heligoland Trap plus Goldfinch and two Redwing.
Counts from the sea; 194 Brent Geese including a Pale-bellied this afternoon, 21 Shelduck, 56 Common Scoter, Eider, Goldeneye, two Red-throated Diver, 343 Cormorant flew into Lade Bay this morning, Great Skua, 45 Kittiwake, six Mediterranean Gull, two Guillemot, 84 Auk sp plus small numbers of passerines in off.
Three Dartford Warblers were the highlight out of the slim pickings in the bushes.

Offshore two Harbour Porpoise and a Grey Seal were observed but the Moth Trap was virtually empty.
Pale-bellied Brent Goose Brana bernica hrota   Dungeness   30th October 2017 (Martin Casemore)

29th Oct

A cold, dull breezy start with the odd spell of light drizzle in the air clearing late afternoon to reveal a beautiful sunny end to the day.
It was too windy for the nets but three Goldfinch, a new Bullfinch and a Lesser Redpoll were caught in the Moat.
Highlights from two spells of seawatching at both ends of the day; two Velvet Scoter, 400 Gannet feeding offshore, Little Egret, Common Buzzard in off, two Arctic Skua, 219 Mediterranean Gulls east, 500 Kittiwake offshore first thing then 167 east later in the day, Yellow-legged Gull and a Little Auk close west was a bit of a surprise.
On land there were a few birds of note; a small influx of fve Sparrowhawk including one in off the sea, two Firecrest, Ring Ouzel, three Black Redstart and four Tree Sparrow.

Non-avian highlights included a Grey Seal offshore and a Death's-head Hawkmoth rescued from a water butt at Pluto, it appeared unharmed by his dunking after drying out!
Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus   Dungeness   29th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis   Dungeness   29th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
Little Auk Alle alle   Dungeness   29th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
Death's-head Hawkmoth Acherontia atropos   Dungeness   28th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

28th Oct

A chilly sunny start to the day with very light winds later clouding up with a bitterly cold breeze.
A Sparrowhawk, Firecrest and 10 Lesser Redpoll were the highlights from the nets.
The sea had a steady passage of birds including; 86 Brent Geese, 12 Shelduck, 69 Common Scoter, 161 Gannet moving west with another 90 feeding offshore, 16 Dunlin, 13 Razorbill, 25 Guillemot, 255 Auk sp, Sandwich Tern, 146 Kittiwake, 80 Mediterranean Gull and on the beach four Caspian Gulls including a new 1st and two new 2nd winter birds joining the now regular 1st winter bird.
On land it was relatively quiet; Merlin, Woodlark still, Swallow, two Dartford Warbler still, 88 Fieldfare, 11 Song Thrush, 11 Redwing, Black Redstart, Tree Sparrow, four Brambling, 42 Chaffinch, 14 Greenfinch, 61 Lesser Redpoll and seven Siskin.
Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   2nd winter   Dungeness   28th October 2017 (Martin Casemore)

27th Oct

A beautiful sunny day with a slightly cool light northerly breeze.
The nets were much quieter this morning with twenty two birds caught comprising of 15 Goldcrest, three Robin and singles of Wren, Blue Tit, Blackbird and Song Thrush.
Seawatching was slow with 198 Brent Geese, seven Shelduck, just two Common Scoter, 75 Gannet milling around, a Knot, 20 Auk sp, nine Kittiwake and three Mediterranean Gulls.
Visible migration was down today compared to the last few days with the following birds logged; 179 Stock Dove, 47 Goldcrest, three Swallow, Dartford Warbler, 1350 Starling, 18 Blackbird, 17 Song Thrush, Six Redwing, Mistle ThrushBlack Redstart, two Wheatear, 59 Meadow Pipit, five Brambling, 51 Chaffinch, two Bullfinch, five Greenfinch, 40 Lesser Redpoll and 15 Siskin
In the nice weather a few insects were on the wing including; 50 Common Darter, Small White, 10 Red Admiral and three Small Copper. The moth trap contained a few migrants with 4 Silver 'Y', 12 Udea ferrugalis and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth seen in the Old Lighthouse garden. A Sword-grass was caught at New Romney and is only the third area record with previous records in 1949 and 1964, at Greatstone-on-Sea an Oak Rustic was caught and at Dungeness a White Speck.
Sword-grass Xylena exsoleta   New Romney   26th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
Oak Rustic Dryobota labecula   Greatstone-on-Sea   26th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

26th Oct

A very light westerly breeze with the odd fine drizzle shower late morning.
The nets were quite busy today with 118 birds caught of 15 species including; 43 Goldcrest, 41 Lesser Redpoll including a controlled bird, nine Chiffchaff, four female Bullfinch, Firecrest and a Whitethroat
Seabirds were still moving despite the light winds; 345 Brent Geese, three Eider, 1105 Gannet, two Manx Shearwater, 34 Mediterranean Gull, 426 Kittiwake, five Great and four Arctic Skua.
On/over land highlights included; Great Northern Diver which flew between the lighthouses! 104 Woodpigeon, a late adult Hobby, Firecrest, two Woodlark south, 30 Chiffchaff, a late Whitethroat, two Dartford Warbler, 17400 Starling, three Ring Ouzel, six Fieldfare, nine Redwing, two Black Redstart, 215 Chaffinch, five Bullfinch, 138 Lesser Redpoll, 192 Goldfinch, 110 Siskin and a Yellowhammer

The Moth Trap produced some nice migrants including a Red-headed Chestnut which is the first for the Obs and 6th area record, a Cosmopolitan which is far from annual plus Dark Swordgrass, two Vestal and three Udea ferrugalis. Nearby at Greatstone on Sea a Spoladea recurvalis was caught which is only the 4th area record of this smart micro moth. 

On the RSPB Reserve 3 Mandarin, Cattle Egret, Yellow-browed and Dartford Warbler were seen.
Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula   Dungeness   26th October 2017 (Martin Casemore)

Dartford Warbler Sylvia undata   Dungeness   26th October (Martin Casemore)
Red-headed Chestnut Conistra erythrocephala   Dungeness 25th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
Cosmopolitan Leucania loreyi   Dungeness   25th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
Spoladea recurvalis    Greatstone on Sea   25th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

25th Oct

A breezy start to the day with light drizzle from mid morning until noon then developing into a nice sometimes sunny afternoon.
Some good visible migration and a few birds in the bushes, with the following counts; four Marsh Harrier, Merlin, 49 Carrion Crow, three Firecrest, 56 Swallow, six Chiffchaff, Dartford Warbler, 2750 Starling, Ring Ouzel, 17 Blackbird, 16 Song Thrush, four Redwing, four Black Redstart, 122 Meadow Pipit, Brambling, 227 Chaffinch, five Greenfinch, 129 Linnet, 18 Lesser Redpoll, 1913 Goldfinch and Lapland Bunting over.
The sea was quiet today with Red-necked Grebe, two Great and three Arctic Skua the only highlights. The regular 1st winter Caspian Gull was still by the puddles.
A Silver 'Y' was the only migrant moth out of just ten macro Moths in the trap. A Hare was seen in the Desert and last night a Badger visited the Obs garden. 
Badger Meles meles   Dungeness   25th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

24th Oct

An initially calm start to the day soon deteriorated with the wind increasing and visibility becoming poor due to almost constant light drizzle, fortunately it did improve by mid afternoon.
Despite the challenging conditions both sea and land did OK today, no real stand out birds but a pleasant steady day with reasonable numbers of birds to look through.
Highlights from just shy of six hours seawatching were; 246 Brent Geese, 60 Common Scoter, two Red-breasted Merganser, 5 Red-throated Diver, Manx Shearwater, 1387 Gannet, Great Skua, eight Arctic Skua, adult Pomarine Skua, 329 Razorbill, 79 Guillemot, 672 Auk sp, 66 Kittiwake, 27 Little Gull, Mediterranean Gull and both of yesterdays Caspian Gulls on the beach.
On land; two Firecrest, 18 Swallow, seven Chiffchaff, five Ring Ouzel, Mistle Thrush, female Bullfinch, 50 Chaffinch, 240 Goldfinch and eight Siskin.

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
The German ringed bird still present today, we have not received the original ringing data yet but a message from Maarten van Kleinwee notifying us that he had seen the same bird at Blaringhem Landfill Site, France in the 2nd week of October.

Little Gull Larus minutus   Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

Little Gull Larus minutus   Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

The moth trap contained a few migrant moths this morning with seven Silver 'Y', Delicate, two Palpita vitrealis and Udea ferrugalis. The moth of the day was a Radford's Flame Shoulder caught at Pluto just the 4th Dungeness record. Four Porpoise and two Brown Hare were also seen.
Delicate Mythimna vitellina   Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

Radford's Flame Shoulder Ochropleura leucogaster   Pluto, Dungeness   24th October 2017 (Lee Gregory)

23rd Oct

Cloudy with light winds this morning but soon changed with frequent showers from mid- morning and the breeze picking up, then from noon constant horizontal drizzle for the rest of the day.
The highlights from a couple of seawatching spells today were few and far between with a Red-necked Grebe, Little Gull and Arctic Tern being the only standout birds. The now regular first-winter Caspian Gull was joined by another today with this one bearing a German ring also the adult Yellow-legged Gull was still in residence.
On land things were much better today with some good movements of birds and new arrivals including the following birds logged; 16 Goldcrest, 45 Long-tailed Tit included 23 new birds ringed, 14 Chiffchaff, Dartford Warbler still, 11 Ring Ouzel, Fieldfare, 15 Song Thrush, seven Redwing, two Mistle Thrush - first of the year, Grey Wagtail, 380 Meadow Pipit, two Bullfinch, 12 Greenfinch, 35 Lesser Redpoll, 1177 Goldfinch, 42 Siskin and the first Lapland Bunting of the year over.

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   23rd October 2017 (Martin Casemore)

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   Dungeness   23rd October 2017 (Lee Gregory)
The moth trap held very few moths this morning but did include a couple of migrants namely a Delicate and a Turnip.

22nd Oct

Better conditions today but still very windy and much cooler with the wind veering into the NW. Not a great deal in the way of new birds to be seen but a Ring Ouzel was found and a few Goldfinches, Siskins and Redpolls continued to trickle south. A Dartford Warbler and five Firecrests were also seen.
Very little movement offshore but two Shags made an appearance and yesterdays first-winter Caspian Gull and adult Yellow-legged Gull were seen again.

Two Porpoises and singles of Grey Seal, Badger and Brown Hare were also seen.
Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   first-winter   Dungeness    22nd October 2017

21st Oct

Storm Brian arrived with a vengeance today and made any birding a serious challenge. Despite the conditions there was actually fairly little offshore although a Great Northern Diver and a Red-necked Grebe were noteworthy. Three Arctic Skuas, three Great Skuas, three Mediterranean Gulls and about 25 Sandwich Terns were also seen. Late in the day a first winter Caspian Gull and an adult Yellow-legged Gull came to the offerings at the fishing boats.
The main features on the land was the continuing movement of Goldfinches with at least 2000 passing through and a Wood Lark found in the Desert.

Caspian Gull Larus cachinnans   first-winter   Dungeness   21st October 2017

Rough Seas at Dengemarsh Gully with waves over the top of the beach.
A Brown Hare and a Stoat were also seen

The day ended with a small gathering in the Pilot Inn to thank Lee Gregory for his work as AW this year and also to present him and his fiancee Cathy Mendez with an early wedding present. Good luck to you both.

20th Oct

Although the gale force winds overnight had dropped a bit by the morning it remained a difficult day for recording. The only birds of note on the land were two Firecrests in the moat and a trickle of Goldfinches passing overhead. The sea was well covered but even here there was very little movement with the best birds being 132 Brent Geese, two Pintails, an Eider, five Red-breasted Merganser, a breeding plumaged Black-throated Diver, 500 Gannets, 13 Golden Plovers, three Arctic Skuas, 66 Sandwich Terns and singles of Common and Arctic Tern and Mediterranean Gull.

Two Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen offshore and a Badger and a Brown Hare were seen on the land.

19th Oct

Another morning of heavy finch movement but this time dominated by Goldfinches with a total of 7,300 birds counted and quality in the form of two Hawfinches (at last). Other significant counts included a Grey Wagtail, a Rock Pipit, ten Bramblings, ten Redpolls and 59 Siskins. Despite large numbers of thrushes calling during the hours of darkness grounded migrants remained scarce during the day with just six Firecrests, two "Continental" Coal Tits, 24 Song Thrushes, a Fieldfare and two Wheatears of note.
Seawatching was dominated by Gannets with over 1300 and Mediterranean Gulls with 110 birds being seen while less regular sightings included 11 Wigeon, a Pintail, a party of five Pochards, a Sooty Shearwater, 41 Dunlin, four Arctic Skuas, 44 Sandwich Terns, 37 Kittiwakes and a Little Gull.

Two Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshoire.

There was a decent catch of migrant moths overnight with a Gem, three Vestals and five Udea ferrugalis of note. Of greater note was a Crimson Speckled moth photographed by staff on a window of a Portakabin inside the "A" Station complex.

18th Oct

One of the main events of the day was a massive southerly movement of Chaffinches with around 3000 birds south in a couple of hours from mid-morning. There was a fair amount of other birds moving overhead including three Black-tailed Godwits, three Snipe, 100 Swallows, three Grey Wagtails, 123 Meadow Pipits, two Rock Pipits, 26 Bramblings, 28 Redpolls, 1900 Goldfinches and 34 Siskins. Grounded migrants remain fairly scarce but did include 11 Firecrests,  three "Continental" Coal Tits, 15 Song Thrushes, a late Willow Warbler. Two Dartford Warblers were also seen again.
The sea was fairly quiet but good numbers of Mediterranean Gulls were noteworthy with 39 east and 14 birds loafing offshore. A first-winter Yellow-legged Gull was also seen.

"Continental" Coal Tit Periparus ater ater   Dungeness  18th October 2017
Five Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen offshore.

Moth trapping produced a single Delicate of note.

17th Oct

Still generally low numbers of migrants on the land but with a Merlin, six Firecrests, three Dartford Warblers and a Wheatear of note whilst birds passing overhead included 15 Tree Sparrows, a Grey Wagtail, a Rock Pipit, 140 Redpolls, 150 Goldfinches, 30 Siskins and five Reed Buntings.
There was very little movement offshore but an Arctic Skua, five Sandwich Terns, a Common Tern and four Mediterranean Gulls were lingering.

Brown Hare, Grey Seal and Porpoise were all seen during the day.

16th Oct

A day of limited coverage but it was clear that after the early morning flurry of finches passing overhead there was very little else in the way of migrants. Three Firecrests were seen in the moat and a Dartford Warbler was seen again near the Railway Station.

Moth trapping produced a Scarce Bordered Straw and our fourth Palpita vitrealis of the year.

As we returned to the Observatory this evening a Badger was seen foraging around the front gardens.

15th Oct

There was an early morning rush of finches passing over head and at least five Firecrests in the bushes but it was otherwise very quiet. Birds passing overhead included four Bramblings, 1000 Goldfinches and ten Siskins.

Elsewhere, the Cattle Egret re-appeared amongst cattle in the fields along the entrance track and a Purple Sandpiper was seen on the sluice outfall at Dengemarsh Gully.

Purple Sandpiper Calidris maritima   Dungeness   15th October 2017

14th Oct

Rare grounded migrants often turn up at Dungeness on days when there seems to be little around and today was one of them. Three net rounds produced just two birds but Dave Bunney found a Radde's Warbler in his Southview Cottage garden. It was very elusive but most visitors managed to get views but photographing it was very difficult. A Dartford Warbler was also seen whilst waiting for the Radde's Warbler to show.
There was however a decent amount of passage overhead with two Grey Herons, 60 Swallows, two Grey Wagtails, two Rock Pipits, four Bramblings, 29 Redpolls, 400 Goldfinches, 40 Siskins and 40 Reed Buntings.

Radde's Warbler Phylloscopus schwarzi   Dungeness   14th October 2017
A couple of very poor images of this extremely skulking bird.
Elsewhere, a Red-backed Shrike was found on the RSPB Reserve and a Cattle Egret joined 16 Great White Egrets and 24 Little Egrets at the evening roost at the ARC Pit.

13th Oct

A dull, cloudy but warm day. Grounded migrants were fairly scarce but included two Dartford Warblers near the railway station, a Wood Lark and three Wheatears. Early morning saw a decent bit of visible migration which included 55 Swallows, 39 Tree Sparrows, three Rock Pipits, 17 Redpolls, 850 Goldfinches, 70 Siskins and 14 Reed Buntings.
Seawatching produced four Sooty Shearwaters, five Great Skuas, 17 Mediterranean Gulls and another 1100 Gannets. Three Arctic Skuas continue to linger offshore.

Eight Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen offshore.

Good numbers of moths were trapped overnight with the highlights being Blair's Shoulder-knot and a Pearly Underwing.
Blair's Shoulder-knot Lithophane leautieri   Dungeness   13th October 2017.
Only the 13th Observatory record and the first since 2013.

12th Oct

A bright and sunny morning resulted in a bit of movement overhead and offshore but very little in the way of ground migrants.
Of note among the migrants flying over were a Wood Lark, 17 Sky Larks, 70 Swallows, three Tree Sparrows, two Grey Wagtails, two Rock Pipits, two Bramblings, 30 Lesser Redpolls, 345 Goldfinches, 25 Siskins and 16 Reed Buntings.  
Offshore, another 1100 Gannets moved west along with two Shags, two Great Skuas and 35 Mediterranean Gulls and with a further five gulls on the beach. 

Three Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen offshore.

Six Clouded Yellows were noted during the day.
Clouded Yellow Colias croceus   Dungeness   12th October 2017

11th Oct

The Yellow-browed Warbler was still in and around the Lighthouse Garden but proved very elusive in the wet and windy conditions. The main interest was offshore though where 4.5 hrs of watching produced four Sooty Shearwaters, two Balearic Shearwaters, a Manx Shearwater, around 3000 Gannets, 16 Arctic Skuas, six Great Skuas, 23 Razorbills, two Mediterranean Gulls and an adult Yellow-legged Gull.

A Grey Seal, a Common Seal and two Porpoises were also seen offshore.

10th Oct

Not a great deal around today but a Yellow-browed Warbler which appeared in the Old lighthouse Garden was a very welcome find. Birds passing overhead included 80 Swallows, 40 House Martins, a Rock Pipit, 27 Redpolls, 37 Siskins and ten Reed Buntings.

Yellow-browed Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus   Dungeness   10th October 2017
Siskin Carduelis spinus   Dungeness   10th October 2017
Seawatching was very slow again. Sandwich Terns and Gannets moved west in decent numbers and five Arctic Skuas and five Mediterranean Gulls were lingering.

Three Porpoises were feeding offshore.

9th Oct

A calm and misty morning resulted in a small arrival of migrants in the bushes and a decent passage overhead. The best of the grounded migrants were a Woodlark, three Firecrests and a few Goldcrests, 40 Chiffchaffs, ten Song Thrushes and 16 Redwings whilst birds passing overhead included 300 Swallows, 800 House Martins, six Grey Wagtails, seven Bramblings, 105 Redpolls, a Crossbill, 275 Goldfinch, 93 Siskins and 14 Reed Buntings
The sea was very quiet except for a trickle of Brent Geese passing by and five Mediterranean Gulls.

One of the most surprising things of the day was the catching of a retrap Goldcrest. Nothing remarkable in itself except that this bird was actually ringed here as a migrant on 16th October 2015. It is extremely rare to retrap passage migrants in subsequent years. 
Goldcrest Regulus regulus   AVX597   Dungeness   9th October 2017

8th Oct

With calm conditions there was a small arrival of migrants on the land and passing overhead. A few Goldcrests and Chiffchaffs, three Blackcaps, four Song Thrushes and a Wheatear were of note on the land whilst birds passing overhead included a Wood Lark, 39 Sky Larks, 130 Swallows, eight Tree Sparrows, seven Grey Wagtails, a Brambling, four Redpolls, a Crossbill, 24 Siskins and 37 Reed Buntings.

An Eider, an Arctic Skua and a Mediterranean Gull were the only notable birds at sea.

Six Porpoises were feeding offshore.

A good selection (for October) of butterflies were seen including two Clouded Yellows and a Brown Argus. The best of the moths trapped overnight were another Delicate and a Dark Swordgrass and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth was also seen by day.
A female Red-veined Darter was seen along the front of the power station.

7th Oct

Very little to report. Five Arctic Skuas were lingering offshore again and just 13 Chiffchaffs and a Blackcap were of any interest on the land.

A Common Seal was seen offshore and a Brown Hare was seen in the evening.

A Delicate was trapped overnight. 

6th Oct

With six of the regular observers on an away-day to Cap Gris Nez, France coverage was severely limited. Even so, the first Ring Ouzel and Brambling of the autumn were seen. Other bits and pieces included two Buzzards, a Firecest, nine Blackcaps, two Redwings, 24 Redpolls and 75 Siskins.

A bat-trapping session at the Long Pits produced three Nathusius's Pipistrelles and a Whiskered Bat. A Brown Hare and a Badger were also seen this evening.

5th Oct

Gale force westerly winds for a time overnight remained fresh through the morning and resulted in very few birds being seen. The best of the mornings seawatch was a Sooty Shearwater and six Arctic Skuas and a Great Skua were lingering offshore again.
Overhead passage was limited to several hundred each of Swallow and House Martin and a Grey Wagtail whilst two Buzzards also flew over. Three Wheatears were also seen.

Two Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen offshore.

4th Oct

There was a small arrival of birds on the land with two Firecrests, 50 Chiffchaffs, 12 Blackcaps and two Wheatears and a couple of Jays also dropped in. Birds passing overhead included seven Golden Plover, a Merlin, a Hobby, a Grey Wagtail, two Rock Pipits, seven Redpolls, 380 Goldfinches, nine Siskins and 28 Reed Buntings.
The sea was very quiet with the usual lingering Arctic Skuas present but not much else to be seen.

Four Porpoises and Grey Seal were seen.

Decent numbers of moths were trapped overnight with four Delicates being of note.

3rd Oct

There were a few grounded migrants in the bushes this morning with a Short-eared Owla Firecrest, 55 Chiffchaffs and ten Blackcaps of note whilst nine Golden Plovers, a Hobby, ten Tree Sparrows, a Yellow Wagtail, three Tree Pipits, 19 Siskins and 13 Reed Buntings passed overhead.
At least five Arctic Skuas were feeding offshore and a Great Skua passed through. 

Two Clouded Yellows were seen and including one of the pale helice form.

2nd Oct

Not a great deal to report on a mainly damp and breezy day. A two hour seawatch this morning produced two Eiders, 703 Gannets, 354 Sandwich Terns and 12 Arctic Skuas and not much else whilst the bushes were very quiet.
A few Swallows, House Martins and Goldfinches moved south during the day.

Three Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen feeding offshore today.

1st Oct

A windy day meant that most of the coverage was concentrated on the sea where several hours of watching produced 73 Common Scoters, an Eider, a Sooty Shearwater, good numbers of Gannets and Sandwich Terns, 32 Arctic Skuas, four Great Skuas, a Black Tern and four Arctic Terns. Four Yellow-legged Gulls and a Mediterranean Gull were attracted to the food offered this afternoon.

Five Porpoises were seen with an additional dead individual floating by attached to a fishing float. A Grey Seal and a Brown Hare were also seen.

A Hummingbird Hawk-moth was seen.

30th Sep

The month ended with another excellent early morning passage of birds overhead. Thousands of Swallows and House Martins dominated proceedings in terms of numbers but other notable bits and pieces included the first Wood Lark of the autumn, 33 Tree Sparrows, two Yellow Wagtails, nine Grey Wagtails, eight Redpolls, 15 Siskins and 50 Reed Buntings. Grounded migrants were relatively scarce but six Firecrests, 40 Chiffchaffs and three Blackcaps.

The sea was very quiet with just the semi-resident Arctic Skuas offshore. A first-summer Caspian Gull and a first-summer Mediterranean Gull came to the offerings at the fishing boats in the afternoon.

A Brown Hare was seen.

A Plumed Fanfoot and five Delicates were the highlights of the nights moth trapping.
Plumed Fanfoot Pechipogo plumigeralis   Dungeness   30th September 2017