27th May

Two good birds this morning with a Serin flying in over the Point at 0720hrs followed later by a Bee-eater which flew between Southview and the two lighthouses for a few minutes around 0830hrs before heading out to sea.
Offshore, good numbers of Common Scoters, Gannets and Sandwich Terns flew east along with two Shovelers and a Black-throated Diver

A Brown Hare was seen on the land.

Three Hummingbird Hawkmoths were seen and butterflies included ten Painted Ladies.

26th May

A check of the Patch this morning showed that the Iceland Gull was back in situ along with the hybrid adult Mediterranean x Black-headed Gull, two first-summer Mediterranean Gulls and a second-summer Yellow-legged Gull.
Very little in the way of migrants on the land.

Mediterranean Gull x Black-headed Gull hybrid   adult   Dungeness   26th May 2017

Iceland Gull Larus glaucoides   first-summer   Dungeness   26th May 2017
Note how worn the plumage is now becoming with the feathers nearly a year old.

Two Grizzled Skippers and three Brown Argus were of note among the small population of butterflies in the area.

Five Porpoises and a Common Seal were feeding offshore and two Red-eared Terrapins were seen at the Long Pits..

25th May

Very little to report on the bird-front today.

Mammals seen during the day included six Porpoises and a Grey Seal, a Stoat and a Brown Hare.

Butterflies included three Brown Argus and the first Black-tailed Skimmers of the year were also seen at the Long Pits.

A breeding bird survey inside the power station complex also produced two more colonies of Brassica Bugs and later in the day a small colony Lesser-streaked Shieldbugs Odontoscelis lineola and a Fallen's Shieldbug Arenocris falleni were found along the track to the Hanson Hide.
Lesser-streaked Shieldbug Odontoscelis lineola   ARC, RSPB   25th May 2017 

Fallen's Shieldbug Arenocris falleni   ARC,RSPB   25th May 2017

24th May

Another fine and warm day and not much to report in the way of birds. Two Mediterranean Gulls were feeding at the Patch but migration on the land appears to be at a virtual standstill. A Hobby was hunting in the Desert.

Six Porpoises were feeding offshore and two Brown Hares were seen on the land.

A Red-eared Terrapin was sunning itself at the Long Pits.

Five Brown Argus and 20 Painted Ladies were of note among the butterflies and the first Speckled Wood for some time was also seen. The warm overnight conditions produced good numbers of moths in the trap but nothing of any great note. The first Emperor Dragonflies of the summer were seen.

23rd May

It is beginning to feel like spring is effectively over. The only migrants of interest on the land were a Turtle Dove at the Long Pits and a Tree Pipit overhead. There was very little movement of birds offshore although a Shag flew east and three Mediterranean Gulls were feeding at the Patch.

Four Porpoises and a Grey Seal were seen offshore.

Moths included a Hummingbird Hawkmoth and also singles of Diamond-backed Moth Plutella xylostella and Rusty-dot Pearl Udea ferrugalis. Two Brown Argus and 20 Painted Ladies were also of note.

In the afternoon a quick off-site visit to Greatstone to look for shieldbugs produced the goods with the first area records of Rambur's Pied Shieldbug Tritomegas sexmaculatus. This species was first recorded in Britain and in Kent in only 2011 and is now found at several sites in the county but all are up north. 

Rambur's Pied Shieldbug Tritomegas sexmaculatus   Greatstone   23rd May 2017

22nd May

A fine and very warm day which failed to produce very much on the land but there was a decent easterly movement offshore with 673 Common Scoters during the morning and also three Velvet Scoters and a single Manx Shearwater. An Arctic Skua flew east in the evening. The Iceland Gull and a first-summer Mediterranean Gull were feeding at the Patch along with an adult hybrid Mediterranean Gull x Black-headed Gull.

Mediterranean x Black-headed Gull hybrid   adult   Dungeness   22nd May 2017   (Lee Gregory)

There were at least 30 Porpoises feeding offshore for a time this afternoon and a Grey Seal was also in the area.

Five Brown Argus butterflies were seen but overall butterfly numbers were very low.

21st May

The two surprising records of an otherwise very quiet day for birds were a party of seven Manx Shearwaters heading west in the morning and a Sooty Shearwater lingering offshore for a while in the afternoon.

At least 11 Porpoises were feeding offshore this afternoon.

With the weather improving again there was plenty of interest in some of the insects of Dungeness. A very fresh Grizzled Skipper and a Holly Blue were seen in the trapping area. Some time was also spent continuing the Shield-bug Survey with a new individual of Rhombic Leatherbug Syromastes rhombeus and a few Tortoise Shieldbugs Eurygaster testudinaria.

Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Bishop's Mitre Aelia aciuinata   Dungeness   21st May 2017n

Tortoise Shield-bug Eurygaster testudinaria   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Rhomboid Leatherbug Syromastes rhombeus   Dungeness   21st May 2017
With so little rain in recent weeks flowers seem to have been reluctant to actually flower but a few nice plants are starting to show well including the offerings below.
Field Pansy Viola arvensis   Dungeness   21st March 2017

Marsh Cinquefoil Comarum palustre   Dungeness   21st May 2017

Sweet Spurge Euphorbia dulcis   Dungeness   21st May 2017