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27th June

A Serin flew over the Observatory calling twice as it went by this morning but there was very little else of interest with just a single Mediterranean Gull and 144 Swifts of any note.

Two Grey Seals and two Porpoises were feeding offshore,

Moth trapping produced a Shore Wainscot, two scarce pyralids in the form of Anania verbascalis and Nymphula nitidulata and the rare tortrix Acleris permutana.

Nymphula nitidulata   Dungeness   27th June 2022

Anania verbascalis   Dungeness   27th June 2022

Acleris permutana   Dungeness   27th June 2022

26th June

Very quiet with just five Mediterranean Gulls of interest.

Two Porpoises and two Grey Seals were seen offshore.

Moth trapping produced a Rest Harrow and a Freyer's Pug while another pheromone luring session for clearwings produced another Red-tipped Clearwing, a Lunar Hornet Moth and five Six-belted Clearwings.

Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis   Dungeness   26th June 2022

25th June

Nine Manx Shearwaters and four Mediterranean Gulls were seen offshore and 56 Swifts and a Hobby flew over.

Five Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshore. 

Elsewhere, the day's highlight came from the ARC Pit where a Caspian Tern was present for about 50 minutes before departing to the east. This is the ninth Dungeness area record. Remarkably, what appears to be the same bird (based on small feather details) was found later in the afternoon at Minsmere in Suffolk. 

Caspian Tern Hydroprogne caspia   ARC Pit, Dungeness   25th June 2022

24th June

Twenty-one Mediterranean Gulls were seen offshore while 169 Swifts and a Hobby passed overhead.

Four Porpoises were feeding offshore.

Calm and warm conditions overnight resulted in an excellent catch of moth in the traps. Of particular note were our sixth record of Wood Carpet, Rest Harrow, our first Sussex Emeralds of the summer, our fifth-ever Green Silver-lines (and following one a few days ago), an Oak Nycteoline and our fifth record of the rare immigrant Scarce Black Arches. However, the most unlikely record was that of a small white moth potted at one of the lights at 0115hrs which proved very difficult to identify but is now believed to be the tortricoid moth Eana argentana. This species is only known to breed in in Britain from a single glen in Scotland and with no confirmed records outside of this glen. It may therefore be the first English record.

Eana argentana ?   Dungeness  24th June 2022
(Subject to confirmation)

Scarce Black Arches Nola aerugula   Dungeness   24th June 2022

Sussex Emerald Thalera fimbrialis   Dungeness   24th June 2022

23rd June

There were signs of some movement today with the highlight being a Serin which was seen on several occasions during the morning but was always elusive and mobile. Other bits and pieces included a Little Ringed Plover, four Curlews, six Mediterranean Gulls, a Hobby, 114 Swifts and four Sand Martins.

Seven Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshore.

A decent catch of moths but nothing too exceptional other than our fifth record of Clouded Buff. Other potential migrants included a Dark Sword-grass and Cherry-tree Ermine.

Clouded Buff Diacrisia sannio   Dungeness   23rd June 2022

22nd June

Very quiet on both land and at sea. 

Two Porpoises were feeding offshore.

Overnight moth trapping produced a Bordered Straw while a search using pheromones  proved highly successful with the catching of a Red-tipped Clearwing along with two Lunar Hornet Moths and also some Six-belted Clearwings.

Lunar Hornet Moth Sesia bembeciformis   Dungeness   22nd June 2022

Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthodon formicaeformis   Dungeness   22nd June 2022

Elsewhere on the insect theme at least four Norfolk Hawkers and a Lesser Emperor were seen at Dengemarsh.

21st June

A juvenile Cuckoo and three Siskins over the Trapping Area were the best on offer on the land. Eleven Mediterranean Gulls were feeding offshore.

A Grey Seal and 12 Porpoises were seen offshore.

20th June

An otherwise quiet day came to life just before mid-day when two Honey Buzzards appeared over the power station and then headed off in a westerly direction. The only other bits of interest were a Mediterranean Gull, eight Swifts and the finding of a Ringed Plover nest with three eggs in it.

Two Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshore.

Ten Painted Lady butterflies were seen.

19th June

Strong winds with thunder, lightning and some rain overnight and continuing windy all day. Very little to be seen with just seven Mediterranean Gulls offshore of interest. 

Offshore, three Porpoises and singles of Grey and Common Seals were seen.

18th June

Three Mediterranean Gulls were feeding offshore. Swifts moved east throughout the day with a final total of 253 birds counted and a Grey Wagtail passed overhead. A Little Ringed Plover also flew over.

A Grey Seal was seen offshore.

The highlight from the moth traps was a Tawny-barred Angle which was only the tenth at the Observatory and only the second this century.

Tawny-barred Angle Macaria liturata   Dungeness   18th June 2022

17th June

The highlight of the day was a Honey Buzzard which flew over the Observatory at 1050 before heading inland. Grey Heron and a Grey Wagtail also flew over.

Several Porpoises were feeding offshore and a Badger was seen in the Observatory Garden.

The highlight of a busy nights' mothing was a Green Silver-lines - only the fourth Observatory record.

Green Silver-lines Pseudoips prasinaria   Dungeness   17th June 2022 

16th June

Six Mediterranean Gulls were feeding over the area for a time this morning when a Buzzard also passed overhead. 

Three Porpoises were feeding offshore and a Badger and both Soprano and Common Pipistrelle bats were seen this evening a the Observatory.

A small catch of moths included a Clay Triple-lines which is a much less than annual visitor to the Observatory traps. By day, a late Grizzled Skipper and the first Marbled Whites were of note 

Clay Triple-lines Cyclophora linearia   Dungeness    17th June 2022

15th June

The highlights of the day were two Honey Buzzards, one of which even came down in the Trapping Area for a time, before both eventually left in a northerly direction. A Mediterranean Gull was feeding at the Patch

Another significant find was the sighting of a pair of Great Black-backed Gulls with recently hatched young in the 'B' Station complex. A new breeding species for the Observatory Recording Area.

Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus   bird 1   Dungeness   15th June 2022

Honey Buzzard Pernis apivorus   bird 2   Dungeness   15th June 2022

Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinus   chicks and adults   Dungeness   15th June 2022
The first proven breeding within the Observatory recording area.

A Porpoise was feeding offshore this morning and a  Badger was feeding in the Observatory garden this evening.

14th June

Very quiet with just a Buzzard overhead and a juvenile Song Thrush in the Moat of interest.

Elsewhere there were four Glossy Ibis and three Black-necked Grebes at the ARC Pit.  

13th June

The highlight of the day was yet another Black Kite which was seen by one observer as it flew out to sea over the Seawatch Hide. Two Buzzards were also seen. A short seawatch in the afternoon produced ten Mediterranean Gulls passing west. Two Siskins flew over the area and the pair of Ravens have finally fledged four young. Pied Wagtails appear to have had a good breeding season with several young birds and a couple of adult birds being trapped as they come to drink in the Moat and Crow Trap.

Pied Wagtail Motacilla alba yarrellii   adult   Dungeness   13th June 2022
One of several individuals ringed today.

A listen for bats after dark with an Echometer at the Observatory produced numerous passes of Soprano and Common Pipistrelles.


12th June

Still very little to report with three Curlews over the Trapping Area, two Mediterranean Gulls offshore and a Willow Warbler in the Trapping Area of any note..

Two Porpoises were feeding offshore.

11th June

Nothing of note on the bird front to report. 

Three Porpoises were feeding offshore and a Badger visited the garden this evening.

The highlight of a fairly small catch of moths was a Delicate while two Rest Harrow moths were seen during the day. The first Large Skippers of the year were seen along with increasing numbers of Small Skippers.

10th June

Migration has been almost at a standstill for over a week now so it was a great surprise when two White-fronted Geese flew south-east over the Observatory and out to sea this afternoon.

Two Porpoises were feeding offshore.

9th June

A mainly bright and sunny day but with very little to report. Eleven Swifts and four House Martins flew over and an adult Yellow-legged Gull was seen at the fishing boats.

Four Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshore.

The first three Small Skippers of the year were seen. 

8th June

Very little to be seen on a wet and windy morning.

Another Delicate moth was caught at the Observatory this evening while trapping at the Long Pits produced another Striped Hawkmoth and a Silver-barred.

7th June

Very quiet on the bird front with a Golden Plover overhead, a Mediterranean Gull feeding offshore and an Avocet flying over the Point and calling after dark of note.

Two Porpoises were feeding offshore.

The moth traps produced our fourth record of May Highflyer, a Hummingbird Hawkmoth and a Delicate. 

May Highflyer Hydriomena impluviata   Dungeness   7th June 2022

6th June

A Black Kite flew out to sea over the Fishing Boats this morning but was sadly only seen by two observers. A Manx Shearwater and a flock of nine Sanderling flew east offshore.

Three Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshore.

5th June

Little to be seen with just 20 Swifts and a Yellow Wagtail overhead and a new Chiffchaff in the Moat.

The moth traps proved interesting despite the poor conditions with a notable count of 30 Green Oak Tortrix Tortrix viridana and also a Celypha rufana.

Green Oak Tortrix Tortrix viridana   Dungeness   5th June 2022
It appears that three was a huge arrival of these along the Kent coast overnight.

Celypha rufana   Dungeness   5th June 2022

4th June

With a strong and cold NE wind blowing coverage was a bit limited today and very little of interest was seen. A Gadwall flew east offshore and five Mediterranean Gulls were feeding at the Patch. 

Six Porpoises were feeding offshore.

3rd June

A flock of 14 Sanderling flew east and a Mediterranean Gull was feeding offshore. Very quiet on the land.

Ten Porpoises and a Grey Seal were feeding offshore.

A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was seen along the power station wall.

2nd Jun

Virtually the only new arrival on the Point was an Icterine Warbler caught in the Moat in the early morning.

Icterine Warbler Hippolais icterina   Dungeness   2nd June 2022