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Ongoing Excavation Works.

Please be aware that there are extensive ongoing excavation works around the Observatory until after Christmas. Please be very careful driving over the moat and note that parking may be difficult. We are, however, open for business and welcome anyone interested in winter birding around Dungeness.

7th July

Very little to report on the bird front. The three nestling Peregrine Falcons are now flying around the power station and returning to the nesting platform.

A Common Seal and two Porpoise were seen offshore.

The main interest of the morning was a huge catch of moths in the two traps. A total of 132 species were recorded with a Poplar Lutestring, a Scorched Carpet, a Large Emerald, an Obscure Wainscot and five Langmaid's Yellow Underwing of note and the moth of the night in the form of a Speckled Footman ssp. arenaria. This species occurs in two forms with one breeding in Dorset and the second occurring as a very rare migrant. This is the second Observatory (first on 27th June 2011) and only the fourth Dungeness record. 
Speckled Footman Coscinia cribraria ssp arenaria   Dungeness   7th July 2017
Scorched Carpet Ligdia adustata   Dungeness   7th July 2017
Large Emerald Geometra papilionaria   Dungeness   7th July 2017
Elsewhere, the Cattle Egret was seen again on the RSPB Reserve.